Services & Prices

The purpose of this information is to help patient to finds direction not only in variety of rendered dental services, but also price politics of the clinics. We offers today's prices for the services that are in a great demand. You can get more detail information about services and prices from specialist of Dental centre "Dent Help" during consultation.

Prices are valid as of January 01, 2016. In order to avoid doubts clarify them by telephone call or during consultation.

ПП "Стоматологічний центр "Dent Help" оголошує конкурс на вакантні посади:

  • Врача-стоматолога-хірурга
  • Врача-стоматолога-ортопеда
  • Медичної сестри
    (асистента стоматолога)

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Services & Prices