We recommend to start treatment in dental center from consultation, during which patient receives consultations directly from dental practitioner, analysis of X-ray examination and preliminary treatment plan. You can also receive preliminary price estimate. 


Consultation of surgeon dentist is free of charge
Dental therapist is free of charge
Dental orthopedist is free of charge
Consolation of orthodontist UAH 50
X-ray analysis UAH 75
Panoramic X-ray UAH 210


ПП "Стоматологічний центр "Dent Help" оголошує конкурс на вакантні посади:

  • Врача-стоматолога-хірурга
  • Врача-стоматолога-ортопеда
  • Медичної сестри
    (асистента стоматолога)

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