Pathological or incorrect bite becomes norm for the last time since 90% of pollination doesn't have ideally straight teeth in accordance with statistics. We often do not pay due regard to this problem since we consider only aesthetic discomfort of snagged teeth. It should be mentioned that significant violation in bite that in the following:

  • a. teeth destruction
  • b. gingiva disease
  • c. Disease of gastro-intestinal tract

Modern orthodontology provides a wide range of constructions, designed for correction of bite: dental brackets, retainers, check bites, mouth guards etc. Orthodontist, member of the Orthodontist Association of Ukraine, Teperev Oleg Olegovych receives patients in Dental Centre "Dent Help". We invite you to visit out centre in order to receive consolations on orthodontal treatment and also recommend you to visit web-page orthodontist.com.ua

Fixation of metal bracket system on one jaw (self-adjusting ,Cennon) UAH 5 940
Fixation of aesthetic bracket system on one jaw UAH 7 680
Fixation of combined bracket system (aesthetic 3-3 teeth, metal for 4,3 teeth ) UAH 6 810
Bite plate for upper jaw UAH 1 730
Bite plate for lower jaw UAH 1 260
Occlusive mouth guard UAH   930
Appliance for fast extension of upper jaw Hyrax on rings UAH 4 200
Appliance for fast extension of upper jaw Hyrax on mouth guards UAH 4 440
Appliance for fixation on cheek teeth (Bite plate,Nаnce, Bi-Helis, TPA-LA, lingual arch) UAH 1 100


ПП "Стоматологічний центр "Dent Help" оголошує конкурс на вакантні посади:

  • Врача-стоматолога-хірурга
  • Врача-стоматолога-ортопеда
  • Медичної сестри
    (асистента стоматолога)

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