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Dental Center «Dent Help»

 Welcome all our patients and visitors of our web-site. Thank you for your interest to information about dental centre "Dent Help"

PC "Dental Centre "Dent Help" have been working at the market of dental services since 1998.

The advantage of our centre is a provision of all necessary range of dental service:
- X-ray examination
- Emergency dental care
- Endodontic dentistry
- Therapeutic dentistry
- Prosthetic dentistry
- Surgical dentistry
- Orthodonotology
- Pediatric dentistry
- Oral care
- Teeth whitening

11 dental practitioners are engaged as permanent employees in our center. Dental centre "Dent Help" is the largest dental establishment in the region. Our specialists practice in separate, specially equipped rooms for convenience of patients.

Our specialist practice simultaneously in
- 4 therapeutic cabinets;
- 2 orthopedic cabinets;
- Surgical cabinet ;
- Hygienic cabinet

Room for X-ray examination is arranged separately.
Patient can arrange their visit to our centre by phone..

Dental centre "Dent Help" has a great experience in insertion of dental implants and implant-based dental prosthetics.
Operation on insertion of dental implants that was the first in Khmelnitsky region was carried out in our center in 1998. Our specialist has carried out operation on replacement of missing teeth with implants for the first time. We were pioneers and remain in the forefront of implant dentistry.

The formula of our successful work is a combination of high qualification of our specialists and use of modern equipment that allows rendering of high-quality dental services.

The list of main services, rendered by Dental centre "Dent Help"

1 Consultations
2 Tooth filling
3 Pediatric dentistry
4 Orthodontic treatment
5 Endodontic treatment
6 Dental prosthetics
7 Oral hygiene
8 Vector therapy
9 Teeth whitening
10 Surgical dentistry
11 Implantation
12 Three-dimensional (3D) surgical navigation template


The purpose of this information is to help patient to finds direction not only in variety of rendered dental services, but also price politics of the clinics. We offers today's prices for the services that are in a great demand. You can get more detail information about services and prices from specialist of Dental centre "Dent Help" during consultation.


Teeth treatment with a microscope

"Only what can be seen can be cured" H. Kar.

The microscope allows a dentist to obtain a 25x magnification of high-quality images of problem areas of teeth.

We are happy to inform you that DentHelp provide the teeth treatment with a microscope. Welcome!


3-D computer tomograph PAX-i3D Smart by VATECH with cephalostat

Since October 2017, the Dental centre "Dent Help” has been using new diagnostic equipment – 3-D computer tomograph PAX-i3D Smart by VATECH with cephalostat.

The advantage of the dental computer 3D tomograph lies in the possibility of obtaining a digital magnified image of the dentoalveolar system in the highest quality, the possibility of scanning the entire lower part of the face or a particular group of teeth, accessory sinuses or the jaw separately. The use of 3D computer-aided diagnosis allows to control the treatment process at every stage and to receive full information about the dynamics of a disease.

The key features of 3D computer-aided diagnosis are


Services & Prices