Incomplete tooth alignment is a problem of not only aesthetical nature. The absence of teeth results in digestive disorder and side bending of teeth, destruction of jaw bones and distortion of face. Modern dental appliances have different indications for use from cosmetic recovery to complete replacement of chewy function of missed teeth.

Main types of constructions :

-Partially removable prostheses
- Completely removable prostheses
- bugel prostheses

- inlays
Dental crowns
- bride-type structures
- veneers (ceramic onlays)

Implant-based prosthesis also exists:
- Dental crowns
- Bride-type structures
- Total restorations on implants

The most common type of crowns is porcelain fused to metal crowns and metal-free crowns. Porcelain -metal structure has metal base, covered with porcelain coat. These crowns are characterized by long operation period, good aesthetic appearance and low price.

Metal-free crowns are characterized by the absence of metal frame. Ceramics, used for manufacture of fully ceramic crowns completely corresponds to physical parameters of teeth enamel. Ceramic onlays are small insertions in tooth opening that is characterized by excellent aesthetic appearance and strength. Parameters of ceramic insertion leave behind any recovery with use of the most modern filling materials.

Veneers are ceramic "onlays", fixed on the front surface of teeth in order to improve appearance of anterior teeth (innate or acquired changes in enamel surface, abrasion and color change). Veneers are analogue of restoration with use of photopolymer material (fillings) however they have excellent aesthetic appearance, strength and don't tarnish with time. The season of why veneers are so popular is more gentle teeth facing, comparing it with facing for crown. Tooth is faced only at the front surface for a depth of veneer that is further fixed to special photopolymer cement.

Standard porcelain fused to metal crown UAH 5500
Porcelain on implant with Gingiva UAH 8000
Porcelain fused to metal crown on implant UAH 7500
Oxide ceramic (metal-free) crown UAH 7500
Milled (zirconium dioxide) crown UAH 7500
Veneer UAH 7500
Ceramic onlay (1, 2 stage) UAH 4000-5000
Cast metal inlay UAH 1200
Plastic removable prosthesis UAH 7200
Nylon removable prosthesis UAH 8500
Bugel removable prosthesis UAH 31 500


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