Oral hygiene

Professional hygiene of oral cavity is one of the most significant and integral stage for health care of teeth. The procedure includes removal of teeth debris and scale by special means and professional tools. In accordance with statistics 80% of gingival inflammation (gingivitis and periodicities) that results in teeth loss is associated with unsatisfactory oral hygiene.

Dental practitioners of PC "Dental Centre "Dent Help" recommend to carry out preventive hygiene of oral cavity at least once per year.

Short description of procedure stages:
1. Solid teeth deposits are removed by means of ultrasonic scaling.
2. Manual scaling - manual tools are used for removal (curettes) are used for removal of deposits in periodontal pockets.
3. Polishing by air-abrasion method with use of Prophyflex system, manufactured by German company CAVO and special powder Prophypearls.
4. Finishing procedure – delivery of the remineralization therapy (coating of the enamel with special agents for sensitivity reducing «GC Tooth Mousse»).

It should be mentioned that removal of teeth deposits has the same significance as treatment of caries. It is much easier to prevent disease than treat it.

Professional hygiene of oral cavity (removal of teeth deposits, scale, teeth polishing, recommendations on care) UAH 750-2100


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