Filling of teeth

Tooth filling is repair and recovery of tooth defect that occurs due to dental caries. The oldest "medical" types of silica cement-based tooth fillings are replaced by glass ionomer cements that became a breakthrough in "teeth cementing" technology. Chemical composition of these materials is similar to that of tooth tissues. Composition of these materials is supplemented by components that extract fluorine ions and prevent development of secondary caries. Photopolymer fillings are the most modern. They can be easily adapted to the color of dentine and doesn't cause discomfort or bad taste. Photopolymer fillings are separated by complexity degree (depending on teeth injury and amount of material that was used for recovery of tooth defect) and matched to color of teeth. They are strong and well-polished.

Fillings from glass ionomer cement UAH 550
Photopolymer fillings from UAH 600


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