Surgical dentistry

Surgeon dentist receives patients in separate, specially equipped cabinet. Planned and emergency surgeries are carried out within the visit:

-Drainage of abscesses
- Extraction of tooth of any complexity
-Treatment of parodontal disease (flap surgeries, root coverage)
- reattachment

Separate direction is taking care of patients with maxillo-facial pathology, namely:

- Fusion of bones in case of jaw fracture (regardless time of injury)
-Removal of foreign matters from maxillary sinus (with filling of junctions)
- Removal of foreign matters from mandibular canal (with lateralization of rectal lower nerve)

Surgical operation can be carried out with use of either local or general anesthesia.

Extraction of a moving or baby tooth

UAH 200

Uncomplicated tooth extraction

UAH 350

Complicated tooth extraction

UAH 500

Extraction of the third mandibular molar

UAH 650

Extraction of a tooth impaction

UAH 1580

Abscess lancing

UAH 650

Resection of the apex of the root of the superior jaw

UAH 2 100

Resection of the apex of the root of the lower jaw

UAH 3 150

Crest splitting

UAH 15 750

Bone material (one dose)

UAH 2 200-2 700

Extraction of the bone autotransplant

UAH 2 000


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