Endodontic treatment

Endodontic treatment is a complex of procedures for treatment of root canals. Patients feel pain exactly die to inflammatory processes that take place in root canals of tooth, filled with nerve terminals. Therefore most patients have fear of exactly this procedure, remembering how painful it was in the past.

Modern anesthetizing preparations make all stages of treatment almost painless.

We use the most modern procedure of treatment of root canals and their filling at optical magnification. The most precise method for determination of parameters is enlargement radiograph, used in special X-ray cabinet, equipped with all means that ensure protection against X-ray.

We also use DentaPort (apex locator) ("Morita" ) for measurement of the length of tooth canal. This device can operate in humid environment of root canals and is manufactured by leading Japanese company, specializing in production of dental equipment.

We treat root canals with high accuracy and efficiency by means of "Morita" device. This device allows high-quality treatment and filling of root canals.

Manipulations in root canals (preparing, opening of root canals, mechanical and medical treatment with use of DentaPort "Morita" )

1 canal UAH 550
2 canal UAH 1000
3 canal UAH 1250
4 canal UAH 1370

Adhesive filling of canals :

1canal UAH 580
2 canal UAH 850
3 canal UAH 1250
4 canal UAH 1600


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