Teeth treatment with a microscope

The history of the microscope application in dental practice began a little more than 20 years ago, thanks to Harry Kar, an American dentist, who was the first to use a microscope in his medical practice.

"Only what can be seen can be cured" H. Kar.

The microscope allows a dentist to obtain a 25x magnification of high-quality images of problem areas of teeth.

The application of a microscope in modern dentistry is indispensable in different cases, such as:

  • - determination of the exact number of root canals and their most invisible branches;
  • - treatment and root canal filling with atypical tooth structure;
  • - analysis of the cleaning degree of the root canal space;
  • - overtreatment of root canals which were previously treated improperly;
  • - removal of foreign bodies and fragments of endodontic instruments;
  • - diagnosis and sealing of root canal perforations;
  • - detection of hidden cracks that cannot be found by means of computed tomography scanning;
  • - improvement of the quality of treatment of the tooth carious cavity;
  • - precise and minimally invasive tooth preparation for prosthetics (veneers);
  • -and many other cases.

 Combining the knowledge, personal experience and ability of a doctor to apply unique capabilities of the microscope is the basis of the powerful quality guarantee, reliability and accuracy in work. 


Microscope application UAH 480
Search and passage of 1 root canal UAH 1370
removal of foreign bodies and fragments of endodontic instruments UAH 1260


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