Three-dimensional (3D) surgical navigation template

3D diagnosis and computer technologies are of a great help for dentists.

The possibility of using a 3D template during the implant placement significantly increases the patient's chances of the accurate implant placement and engraftment, positioning of the future tooth in the correct place.

According to the data of the previous planning with a 3D printer, the individual dental and gingival veneers for a particular patient are manufactured, the main part of which is a hole with a shell. Due to this shell and a special instrument, the doctor places the implant in the particular place and at the necessary depth.

As a result, an individually produced surgical template, placed during the implant engraftment operation, allows:
- The implant placement in the relevant direction and at the relevant depth, which are calculated to a millimeter by a computer, eliminating the risk of injuring the surrounding tissues and organs.
- The reduction of soft tissues edema after implantation. As a consequence, the number of postoperative complications decreases. -Significant reduction in the duration of the operation.
- The implant placement in the position that corresponds to the crown of a future tooth. This guarantees a beautiful smile and the restoration of masticatory function.
- The use of templates allows, in cases of insufficient bone volume, to reduce required interventions and, accordingly, to reduce the complication rate.

Three-dimensional (3D) surgical navigation template 3 UAH 3200

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