When establishing a diagnosis in dentistry, an X-ray examination is performed in the first place. A usual spot film x-ray and a panoramic x-ray form an image in only two planes. Modern 3-D dental tomographs make it possible to receive a three-dimensional image of the dentoalveolar system (3D image).

Since October 2017, the Dental centre "Dent Help” has been using new diagnostic equipment – 3-D computer tomograph PAX-i3D Smart by VATECH with cephalostat.

The advantage of the dental computer 3D tomograph lies in the possibility of obtaining a digital magnified image of the dentoalveolar system in the highest quality, the possibility of scanning the entire lower part of the face or a particular group of teeth, accessory sinuses or the jaw separately. The use of 3D computer-aided diagnosis allows to control the treatment process at every stage and to receive full information about the dynamics of a disease.

The key features of 3D computer-aided diagnosis are:

  • Complete diagnostics of the dentoalveolar apparatus (an orthopantomogram).
  • Diagnostics of odontogenic sinusitis.
  • Diagnostics and assessment of endogenous treatment.
  • Obtaining of comprehensive information for analysis and planning of dental implantation, the manufacture of 3D surgical templates. Orthodontic treatment planning:
  • Cephalometry (lateral, anterior, posterior) for assessing the soft tissue profile and the dentoalveolar apparatus.
  • projection of the hand for assessing the general growth
  • X-ray diagnosis of the joint in the open and closed positions.
Radiovisiography UAH 100
Orthopantomogram UAH 300
Computed tomography UAH 600
Cephalometry UAH 300
Joint x-ray UAH 300


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