In case of dental arch disorders, it is difficult to perform hygiene procedures, a risk of early dental caries development and parodontitis increases. Also, there is a possibility of an additional load on the maxillofacial muscles in the process of chewing that may lead to headaches, temporomandibular joint pain dysfunction syndrome, pains in the region of the neck. Also, the dental arch disorders negatively affect the appearance of a person on the whole.

Orthodontic treatment involves the use of special orthodontic appliances (fixed and removable) for changing the position of teeth in the dental arch, in this case, the activity of facial muscles and the development of jaw bone are normalized.

Thanks to the orthodontic treatment, it is possible to improve the health of the oral cavity and the appearance, to achieve a beautiful smile.

Modern orthodontics has at its disposal a large range of bite correction devices: braces, retainers, dental plates, clear aligners.

One of the most widespread fixed orthodontic devices is braces.

Over recent years, they have become more comfortable and invisible. There is a wide range of bright colours for children and almost invisible braces for adults.

The most widely used removable devices are dental plates for the upper and lower jaws. They are almost invisible and can be removed while eating or brushing teeth.

When establishing a diagnosis, a dentist – orthodontist in the “Dental centre "Dent Help” relies on a 3D computer-aided diagnosis, an orthopantomogram, a cephalometry, an X-ray diagnosis of the hand for assessing the general growth of children, an X-ray diagnosis of the joint.

Advice of a dentist – orthodontist UAH 200
Bonding of metal bracket system UAH 8 000 -  12500
Bonding of aesthetic bracket system UAH 11 000 - 17000
Bonding of composite bracket system (aesthetic on 3-3 teeth metal on 4,5 teeth) UAH 9 500
Bonding of partial metal bracket system (4 braces on incisors + rings on molars) UAH 5 000
Dental plates on the upper and lower jaws UAH 2 500
Hyrax appliance for rapid upper jaw expansion on rings UAH 7 000
Appliance for temporary bite disjunction UAH 1 200
Appliance for rapid maxillary expansion UAH 7 000
Bonding of fixed retainer in the region of 6 teeth UAH 1 400

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