Installation of detailed implant is the best method for recovery of lost tooth. Procedure of installation of detailed implant is carried out promptly and without pain due to long-term experience (typical clinical cases). We use different implant systems:

  • "Straumann" (Switzerland)
  • "Mega gen" (Korea)
  • “GMI” (Spain)
  • “MiS” (Israel)
  • “Connect” (Ukraine)

In most cases patient can choose this or that system at its own discretion. Our clinics carried out entire range of surgical interferences that are necessary for installation and further functioning of detailed implant.

- DQR(directed qualitative regeneration ) with use of xeno transplants, membranes, titanium meshes
- Plastic reconstruction of bone blocks
- Sinus elevation (sinus lift)
- segmental osteotomy
- Entire range of muco-gingival corrections

All surgical operations are carried out at appropriate qualification level and include guarantee.

Setting of an implant "Straumann» Standart" UAH 16 800
Setting of an implant "Straumann" SLActive UAH 20 000
Setting of an implant "Megagen Any Ridge" UAH 13 500
Setting of an implant "Megagen Any One" UAH 11 000
Setting of an implant "GMI" UAH 11 000
Setting of the temporary implant UAH 3000


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