Sedation or medication sleep

Treatment under sedation (or medication sleep) is the modern dentistry's solution for the problem of dentophobia (a term meaning fear of the dentists or dental treatment).

The reasons for this problem may be different. And it results in an ordinary delaying a dentist`s visit to the last possible second, which negatively affects the condition of a patient's oral cavity, which in turn, requires more serious and long-term treatment.

Indications for sedation are:

  • fear of dental treatment; 
  • long-lasting dental procedure; 
  • patient's emotional instability;
  • special needs of children and adults;
  • sensitive gag reflex etc.

Sedation can be compared to putting into a light sleep when a person is calm and relaxed. The patient can control his/her actions, breathe normally, swallow, and even follow some of the doctor's instructions.

The anesthesiologist is responsible for administration of anesthetics and maintaining vital functions of the body during sedation. Specialists will always choose the most optimal and least harmful methods of anesthesia for you.

It is important to understand that sedation is not a substitute for local anesthesia, an analgesic injection, which is perceived as a less painful procedure in state of medication sleep.

In general, high-quality anesthesia is one of the most important conditions for providing high-quality dental care. But despite the extensive development of effective local anesthesia, treatment under analgosedation has become increasingly popular among doctors and patients recently. Modern sedation medications are safe, easy to manage, and are quickly eliminated from the body.

Sedation 1 hour UAH 3500

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