Tooth whitening is one of the most perspective directions of cosmetic dentistry. This procedure is recommended for patients who have teeth with unnatural color. There are two types of teeth coloring: surface (external and internal). The main reason of external coloring of teeth is pure oral hygiene that results in formation of yellow pigmented scale on tooth enamel. Smoking and consumption of products that contain colorants also result in change of enamel color.

Internal coloring of tooth enamel is a result of drag intake, effect of chemical materials, included into composition of dental fillings and cores. In order to solve this problem we recommend endodontic whitening of teeth.

"Beyond" system, being professional system for the most safe and effective whitening of teeth, the is used in cabinet of dental practitioner during 30 minutes per one visit in order to solve internal problem of external coloring of teeth.

The advantages of photobleaching of teeth provides excellent result for minimum time in comparison with other technologies, such as laser bleaching or individual whitening moth guard.

Whitening with "Beyond" system: 
Two jaws UAH 4800
One jaw UAH 3400
Endodontic whitening of tooth UAH 320


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